Friday, February 10, 2012


Aachen. The beautiful, mysterious city that haunts my dreams. A place I've only glimpsed in online searches, and read magical things about. And in two weeks, I'll be living there with only one suitcase full of belongings. In case you didn't read the About Me section just yet, you should go and do so right... now!
I'll be going to school at Fachochschule Aachen (FH-Aachen for short).  It's a university that offers really smart sounding degrees in Aerospace Engineering, Architecture, Biomedical Engineering, etc... 

I, however, will be taking Business classes.

WHOA, business. Yeah, I'm taking a semester break from my Biology major to study the world of International Management and other businessey things. Most of all, I hope to take lots of German classes so I can come home and babble about nice things and you all will think I'm yelling profanities with my awesome German accent. The beautiful city of Aachen is a technological center, and home to several colleges. It is a little bigger than Springfield, and a heck of a lot older. The picture at the top of the post is the Aachener Dom, the cathedral built by Charlemagne (click here for a 360 view of the inside) You can realize how giant it is by looking at the tops of the buildings around it. Now look at the picture to the right and below. They are all at least four stories!

Now you can see why Aachen haunts my dreams. I want to ditch this February weather and go have some German food in the outdoor cafes with a fountain and a giant cathedral. Too bad Aachen weather is about the same as here, except with a lot more rain. Luckily for me, I'll be there from February-July, so I get to experience most of their climate changes. Not so luckily, I'll have to pack for ALL the weather. I am, however, looking forward to buying some European clothing. After watching a couple episodes of Sorority Girls and the crazy outfits that the British girls wear, I'm not so sure anymore...

Anyway, for more information on Aachen, click here.

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