Friday, February 10, 2012

About Me

Hi! I'm Allison, a 21 year old college student. I've decided to leave my home, my school, and my friends to move to Germany all by myself. Here, I'm an international student of business at Fachochschule Aachen (Aachen University of Applied Sciences). Don't worry guys, I'll only be here for five months! I plan on doing a lot of things during this adventure- namely, travel, drink lots of beer, travel some more, learn (eh, maybe...) drink some more beer, and soak up everything there is! I adore food and dessert, making artsy things, jogging, taking pictures, and meeting new people. I can't wait to get out there and enjoy everything and the spontaneous beauty it holds! 

  I've taken a leaf from a friend's book, and decided to make a list of some of the things I   want to accomplish  while I'm in Deutschland and beyond! When I've accomplished something, if it has a photo, it will appear as a link! 

 2. Figure out public transit.
 ✔ 7. Try something that I think looks or sounds gross (i.e. weisswurst -->see photo here) 
 ✔ 8. Visit Ireland.
    9. Find my European friends and say hi!
 ✔ 10. Have a conversation with the locals.
 ✔ 11. Have a conversation with the locals in German!
 ✔ 13. Write a letter.
    15. Make an adult friend(s).
  16. Buy a distinctly European piece of clothing.
    17. See my favorite dutch band, Acda en de Munnik, live .
    19. Volunteer.
  20. Collect sand/rocks from the different beaches/oceans I visit (example)
 ✔ 23. Go to a German club. 
  24. Do something I wouldn't dream of doing in the US.
 ✔ 25. Ride in a German car (BMW, VW, Audi, etc.).
 ✔ 26. Visit a museum.
 ✔ 27.Go to the spa in Aachen, Carolus Thermen.
    28. Eat Schwarzwald Kuchen (preferably in the Black Forest).
 ✔ 29. Sing karaoke somewhere.  
 ✔ 30. Visit a brewery 
 ✔ 31. Visit a concentration camp.
 ✔ 32. Visit a famous location of some sort. 
 ✔ 33. Take a trip by myself

 PS. Here are photo's of my new kitchen (that I share with 6 other Germans). 

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