Monday, March 5, 2012

Mein erstes Wochenende!

 My friend Emily came to visit me this weekend! It was a spur of the moment decision on her part, but couldn't have turned out better! She brought some nice Australians along for the ride, and we all did a little bit of exploring, and when I say exploring, I mean going out on the town. Aachen is basically made for going out. There's an entire street that only has bars, pubs, clubs, and greasy food restaurants where you can get such things as döner kebap or fries covered in almost any sauce (I tried this weird sweet tasting curry sauce that was surprisingly good even though I don't like curry...again, idk what it was called since I just said "go for it" to the fry-chef). Pontstraße is where you find all +40,000 students on a typical weekend evening. 

 Below: (1)Gelato for dinner, (2) Emily and I eating our kebaps,(3) The mess that we made on the sidewalk due to the enormous size of those dang kebaps. 

In total for the weekend, I tried 4 different types of German beer. Dom Kölsch, Bitburger, König Ludwig Weißbier, and Beck's. The awesome part about German bars/beers is that they always serve the specific beer in it's designated glass. Sounds confusing on the part of the bartender, because some bars have at least 20 beers! 

Below: The Aussies (Andy, Trent, Ryan) and us went to a pub/restaurant but we weren't allowed to stay without ordering food. They directed us instead to a little room attached to the pub with a sliding wooden door, and we entered the tiniest bar we had ever been in, with enough room for maybe 5 people to stand up inside, or 4 people to sit down. Too many of us for the space, so we left. It turns out that in fact that tiny bar is the smallest in all of Europe! Unfortunately I didn't get a picture. But because we had seen on the menu that Dom Kölsch was an option, and were so intrigued by beer that was named after a church we were very excited to drink it. So we found this place instead and drank our Church Beer. Queen's Pub. Also, the Jägermeister poster boy gets in the picture twice. And Ryan's wearing a crown. 

Also, I've got to hand it to Aachen.. the Germans really like Americans (and Australians). Or so it seems. While we were out, people kept coming up to us because they heard our accents and wanted to know where we were from. They are all really friendly, and it seems they are genuinely excited to be able to speak English us. I think they like the practice. A nice bartender made us these custom Deutschland shots. Probably the best ever, but he wouldn't give us the secret... we probably need an Enigma machine to figure it out....(oh, too soon?) 

Aachen is GORGEOUS at night. Especially in the Markt, which is where Pontstraße (the bar street) begins. The Dom and Rathaus stay lit until the wee hours, and when they go dark, you know it's time for bed. :)

Also on a last side note, I tried my first home-cooked German meal (at the cafeteria in my school). Some sort of weird noodle creation that resembles meatloaf made out of vegetables. It was delicious, about the size of my face, and jiggled sort of like jello... I didn't want to know what was in it! :) 

And thanks a million Emily for letting me steal some of your pictures...I didn't have any of us on my camera. For the record, I took all of the ones except for some of those that contain the both of us in them. :) (obviously) 

****DISCLAIMER: Just because this post is mostly about beer, doesn't mean it's cause to worry. Yeah, Mom and Dad, I'm talking to you. 

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