Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A different view of Köln with my BFF

My best friend Jessica had spring break this week. She decided that instead of a beach somewhere, she'd come visit me in Aachen! I've decided to do a short post about each place we visited, because it would be waaaay too long if I included it all together. :) Also, I can post this sooner! 
So. Friday, after my short-German-course's final exam, we hit the train off to Köln...again. Since I went to Köln last weekend, I had already seen the sights, but we couldn't say no to a trip in the beautiful spring-like weather... almost 65 degrees and sunny! It was like an entirely different city! So even though I posted pictures of Köln already, here are a couple in which everything is NOT covered up by fog. :) 

We didn't do a whole lot of touring, but we did eat at a nice restaurant next to the Rhine, where I tried a Blutwurst (blood-wurst) Flammkuchen. The German Food Guide describes Blutwurst as such: "A dark, almost black sausage made from fresh pig's blood, diced pork and pork fat, salt, pepper, and assorted seasonings."
.........did that just say "FRESH PIG'S BLOOD" ???????? yeah, I ate that. The blutwurst was just a topping on the flammkuchen, so there wasn't much. And the first couple pieces were really tasty (after that, I couldn't get the taste out of my mouth). It had a consistency of jello, but it squished super easily like puree. 

Here are some of my favorite pictures from Köln (I was sort of on a picture taking adventure) 

PS. I almost ran into and knocked over this creepy floating person outside the Dom...I was walking backwards when I look up and there is a ring of people staring at what I think is me, and I turn around, and BAM! there is a humongously eerie floating dude. That thing was legit too. It was seriously floating in the air. Can you imagine if I knocked it over? :) 

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